fredag 20 februari 2015

Hold Obama and Liberal Media Accountable!‏

Over the weekend, ISIS beheaded 21 Christians in Libya. President Obama promptly issued a condemnation of the attack, but he neglected one word: Christian

The same week, the President said that the Jews murdered in Paris by Islamic terrorists at a kosher supermarket were attacked "randomly". 

See, to the President, ISIS isn't Islamic, and their victims aren't Christian or Jewish. ISIS is truly just a manifestation of how terrible America and Israel are. If only Americans would get off their "high horse" and stop criticizing radical Islam, everything would be okay. If Israel stopped trying to survive and just allowed Obama to give Iran freedom to go nuclear, all would be well. 

Meanwhile, the media give Obama a free pass. They're too busy criticizing Christians for the Crusades or Benjamin Netanyahu for speaking before Congress to hold the President to his duty to keep us safe from enemies foreign and domestic. 

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